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In 2019, after 39 years of building homes for families in need, the             Amor Ministries co-founders asked themselves what more can be done to keep this ministry financially secure well into the future. An idea around a new social enterprise was developed. Diagrid Advisors became an organization that could financially support non-profit organizations serving those rebuilding their communities in need around the world.


In 2020, COVID-19 proved extremely difficult for Amor as their ministry depends on volunteer groups traveling to Mexico, South Africa, and Eastern Europe. International travel came to a halt while everyone navigated through COVID protocols. During this time, Steve and Scott decided it was crucial to launch this social enterprise to provide stability for the families supported by volunteers working through Amor.


By utilizing seasoned professionals from the fields of accounting, financial analysis, human resources (HR), leadership coaching, IT, and cybersecurity, Diagrid can customize support for our clients. We invest in understanding client’s needs and creating a personalized plan of action.


Our goal is to donate 100% of our profits. The last 4 years have seen steady growth in our client base which translates into our ability to financially contribute to Amor. While Diagrid was initially created to benefit Amor Ministries, in 2023 we’re experiencing additional growth which will allow for broader community investments. We are now giving financial support to other global non-profit organizations while also donating our services and time, all the while continuing our support for Amor.


Meet the Leadership Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our mission is to build meaningful relationships with our clients where they can customize their services. Our highly experienced team of advisors are from both the public and private sector. They consist of former CEOs, CFOs, and COOs, as well as legal and business professionals in the fields of accounting, management, financial strategy, IT, cybersecurity, human resources, and ADA compliance training.

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