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Benefits of Opening a 529 Plan

One of Diagrid's members is currently in the process of establishing 529 plans for his grandkids. In light of this, we believe it's crucial to share his insights regarding the process. This will aid in initiating this significant stride for your children's (or grandkids') future:

“Setting up a student savings account for your child or children can seem daunting. I first attempted to navigate this matter by checking out the book ‘529 & Education Savings Plans for Dummies.’ The fact that there are 416 pages was discouraging at best. My banker suggested the website ‘’ Even this amazing site says ‘if your goals seem overwhelming now, the proper planning and saving can put the cost of any college within your reach.’ What I most liked about this website was all the various formats they provided to help you tackle and begin understanding this benefit through articles, tutorials, an eBook, forums and even webinars.” – Scott Congdon

Consider the benefits of a 529 plan and see how it could help shape future generations!

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