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Community Series: Steve Horrex

For this month’s Community Series, let’s hear from our CEO, Steve Horrex, and how he has supported his community through his passions for helping others and surfing:

“I have found a unique way to combine my love for surfing with community service by introducing some of my neighbors to the sport. This activity has given me the chance to build relationships with a few young married men in my neighborhood. Sometimes, they are just looking for some words of encouragement or advice on navigating family life, and I am happy to share my past experiences of marriage and raising children with them. Other times, college students seek me out as a mentor to help them make important life decisions or provide guidance on relationships. I am grateful for the opportunity to share God's creation with others in the beautiful marine environment where I surf. I truly love our community and feel blessed to be able to live life alongside others. There are so many ways we can give back to our community, and sharing our passions is just one of them.”

At Diagrid, we believe there are various opportunities to make a meaningful impact within your community in a way that makes sense to you. Community starts with you!

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