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Investing in Mentorship

In our newest quarterly newsletter, we spoke about the advantages of focusing on mentorship and its ability to really mold the next generation of professionals. Our CEO, Steve Horrex, gives his take on his time as a mentor:

“I currently serve on the Board of Directors for Amor Community of Hope in South Africa. One of my many blessings is the opportunity to act as a mentor for our Director, Zingisa Mapasa, by meeting with her on WhatsApp every Friday. She requested this condition before accepting the position seven years ago. Every week, I am reminded of her incredible leadership skills and how she lives out her calling to serve the community. Her innovative and empowering approach to serving those in the poorer townships of South Africa is truly remarkable. It is an honor to serve alongside Zingisa in this capacity.” Drawing on his wealth of experience and insights gleaned from years dedicated to the non-profit sector, Steve serves as an invaluable beacon for Zingisa, offering guidance through both periods of expansion and adversity. Through this mentorship, he imparts a rich legacy of knowledge and skills, empowering Zingisa to soar to greater heights.

Maybe you're ready to step into the role of mentorship, becoming a vital contributor to the next wave of professionals in your community. Don't hesitate to invest in yourself and others by taking on this rewarding responsibility!

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