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National Tell a Story Day – The Story of Diagrid

Seeing as its National Tell A Story Day, we wanted to share the story of how Diagrid got started from one of its founders, Scott Congdon:


"Accountability is a major consideration for any business, including non-profit organizations (NGOs). As they grow it becomes increasingly important for them to have accurate financial reports so they can be run efficiently. Even in the NGO world it becomes vital for them to become members of organizations that help verify the financial status and sustainability of these enterprises. Organizations like The Center for Financial Accountability, ECFA, Charity Navigator, Guide Star and Charity Watch become important to be a part of.


In order to do so it becomes increasingly valuable for these entities to have annual financial audits and help with filing their taxes. Diagrid Advisors came out of a relationship between an NGO and their auditing firm. Over time both entities recognized the vital need for businesses to have financial help for other organizations and businesses. The founders of Diagrid Advisors were working for NGO’S and were made aware of a not so widely known practice called a “Social Enterprise.” A social enterprise is a business that operates with the primary goal of addressing social and environmental issues while also generating revenue. These organizations aim to achieve a balance between profit-making activities and social impact. They may invest their profits into furthering their social or environmental mission rather than distributing them to shareholders.


With these ideals in mind, the founders of Diagrid Advisors created this enterprise to assist businesses and NGO’s with their financial reporting, auditing protocols, tax reporting, and management assistance to help them grow and improve their practices. And, at the same time enabling Diagrid Advisors to channel their profits to address social and humanitarian issues worldwide."


We'd love to hear a story about your business or a moment in your career that you felt you were truly making a difference and leaving a lasting impact!

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